Thursday, July 15, 2021

LOVE Hurts... --- Day 10/74

Walk:  Hood

Distance: 3 Absolutely Freezing (for SF) miles

Robert Indiana (American 1928-2018), LOVE (1966-99), Aluminum and paint, SFMOMA 

Poor reclusive artist Robert Indiana, who spent as much time as he could on a distant island off the coast of Maine.  He created the most iconic sculpture of the Pop Art era,  There are 50 LOVEs placed and loved all over the world; several in foreign languages, but always just four letters or symbols.  

Maybe the only person who didn't love LOVE was the artist himself. The main stream fame the series brought overshadowed the rest of his career and was something he (possibly) came to HATE. In 2014 he told an NPR  interviewer, “It was a marvelous idea, but it was also a terrible mistake. It became too popular; it became too popular. And there are people who don't like popularity. It's much better to be exclusive and remote, you see.”

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