Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Finally, THE Announcement --- Day 11/44

Walk: New Home 

Distance: 3.7 miles

New Home, Traditional SF Fog and Tulips

Big NEWS at last for Ciwt's patient readers!!  After 40 years at her present home, she is moving to another.  Escrow closed yesterday, and the old realtor in her knows no deal is done until that happens.

She is probably the last of her friends and contemporaries to make the shift.  Much of her generation has been on the move for several years, downsizing from bigger houses where they raised their children, or moving to sports and retirement communities or making other appropriate changes with some even upsizing(!).  Now it is Ciwt's turn.

She already likes her new home, but its empty like the picture above.  A blank slate, scary at times, exciting most of the rest of the time and the right move for her all the time.  So, onward go Ciwt and her readers.  
Welcome Card and Tulips

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