Monday, March 21, 2022

Got Good Junk --- Day 11/43

Walk: First American Title, Goodwill

Distance:  4 miles

So Ciwt really likes the free 'street furniture' bazaar that happens in San Francisco. Probably where you live too.  Today she had a couple of useful things in excellent repair that she thought someone else would like and use.  So she took the first one down to the sidewalk, stuck a hot pink post it on it with the message "Free.  Please enjoy."  

Then she went back up the stairs to get her second piece for her personal bazaar. By the time it took her to get up and down, the first piece was gone!  Couldn't have been more than 5 minutes.  So, once again she stuck her "Free" post it on it and went up to grab a bag of donations to take to Goodwill.  Well, you know what's coming here, when she got downstairs again the second offering was gone.  

She's guessing some people make a job of cruising the streets probably in their SUV's looking for useful street stuff.  And she thinks this is just grand.  Maybe they use it themselves, sell it or give it to needy friends.  Wherever it goes, both Ciwt and they are delighted.

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