Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Smart Women, Generous and Brave --- Day 11/26

Walk: GG Park Pickleball

Distance: 4.5 miles, 90 minutes pickle

Three day Jeopardy winner Christine Whelchel

For long time fans like Ciwt, Jeopardy! has become a game of human interest as well as trivia.  Last evening's competition was a special one in both regards.

The winner was already a three day champ when she stepped to her lectern and took hold of the buzzer.  Winning three days in a row is rare and a major accomplishment, but in her case it felt even more so.  In her first contestat chat with host Ken Jennings she told him and all of us watching that one of the first things she did after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis was take the Jeopardy! test.  Then she ended up getting her audition the night before her surgery.  And there she was on stage looking lovely and reporting that she was presently cancer free.  Needless to say, the hearts of fans around the world went out to her.

Then last night when she returned for her fourth game, except for her white-framed glasses, she looked very different. She appeared to have gotten a buzz cut over the weekend, and, with the way people play with their hairstyles these days, it was entirely possible.  But when Ken interviewed her this time, we learned that she had been wearing a wig.

Four-day Jeopardy! winner Christine Whelchek

Her explanation for appearing without it was touching, brave and generous to people confronting cancer.  "After the winnings, I decided that I didn't need to hide behind a wig any more.  I wanted to normalize what cancer recovery looks like."

Oh, and she won her fourth game.

All this by the way shortly after Amy Schneider, the 40-day record setting Jeopardy! champ, normalized transgenderism.  

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