Saturday, June 18, 2022

Back to the Museums - Happily --- Days 11/130-31

Walks: 1. Marin driving for lunch with friend  2. Presidio Pickleball, Legion of Honor (Guo Pei, Couture Fantasy)

Distance: 1. 2 miles  2. 5.5 miles, 1 hour pickle

So after years of sagging around in covid house clothes and then thinking of clothes only as things to purge during her move, Ciwt debated whether to even go to the Guo Pei Couture Fantasy show at the Legion of Honor.  Reluctantly she took herself to it yesterday, and WOW!

First, just going to a museum after three solid months of schlepping her things between her old and new homes, was uplifting.  Especially the Legion which Ciwt counts as one of the most beautiful museums in the world .

Then, seeing a large crowd of attendees filling the museum was enlivening.   And a surprise because attendance at fashion exhibitions can be particularly sparse.

But really Ciwt was unprepared for the rich bedazzlement of Guo Pei's creations.  In pictures they had seemed almost silly, frivolous, sci-fi movie-ish.  But in person they were a stunning encounter with history, craft, culture, presenting exquisite needlework not often seen since long ago times and sought out by Guo Pei in travels through the Chinese countryside.  As awesome examples of and homages to fine craft, Ciwt could study just one of her garments for a long time.  

And that is what people were doing.  Stopping, studying, taking photos.  You could tell the quality of the exhibition by the quiet in the rooms.  Even though they were crowded, viewers were deeply engaged.  


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