Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Onward! (almost) --- Days 11/104-113

Walks: Still Back and Forth (between homes) and Up and Down but almost entirely in new home

Distances: @ 3 miles daily, a little yoga here and there, 2 hours pickleball one day

Sometimes it feels like Ciwt's moving 'thing' is endless.

Meanwhile a few recommendations that got her mind off the 'thing' and her readers might appreciate for breaks from their 'things'  1.  Better Call Saul, every season.  Start at the beginning if you can. 2. NYT and other reviews and comments following each episode.  You won't belive what you missed and how brilliant your fellow travelers are. 3. Bosch Legacy 4. Top Gun: Maverick.  Great Blue Angels type flying and, if you are lucky, you are aging as well as Tom Cruise.   

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