Thursday, June 9, 2022

Well? --- Days 11/119,120 and 121

Walks: The usual back and forthing with some 'free wheeling' thrown in

Distances: 1, 4 miles, 90 minutes pickle 2. 3.2 miles with some loping 3. 6.5 miles

So from March 7 when she saw her next home and had to figure out how to get into it until today, Ciwt has been suddenly and relentlessly involved in emptying one home/life and 'unemptying' another one.  Three straight months, day and night.  As of today the major things have been done - even the initial set up of her closet office (more on that in another CIWT)  her least favorite.  It has been all consuming.

But now...Now what?   

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