Saturday, March 25, 2023

Dance Saturday --- Day 12/88

Walk: AMC Kabuki (John Wick, Chapter 4)

Distance: 4 miles

So, it wasn't her SF Ballet Saturday.  But it just as well could have been.  To get a break from from the 'esoteria' of art tour planning, Ciwt decided to take in John Wick, Chapter 4.  Her guess is that the movie script for dialogue was no longer than two pages (or about 9 pages of run time).  The remaining 2 hours and 40 minutes is taken up by non-stop fight scenes so skillfully choreographed and executed they were really like high(est!) energy dancing.  Everything, Everywhere, All at Once fans will probably love it; Ciwt dozed off once or twice but was glad for the getaway.

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