Thursday, March 30, 2023

Lone Ranger No More --- Days 12/91,92, 93


Distance: 3, 3.5, 6.7  lope/run

So Ciwt has been sort of the lone ranger in museums since they reopened out here after covid.

She has a website for her art tours with a link or people to contact her if they are interested in a tour.  And for the past covid years she has received pretty many email contact responses.   These would be samples:  "Hi, with my website design, I can help you get many more people on your tours," "Have you thought of putting a video on your site? With it, people will flock to your business."  "We are here to help!!!"  Oh then there have been the predictable sexual enlargement type ones."  But no tour requests.

Until lately!  Recently Ciwt has been opening her contact form to actual tour requests which really makes her happy.  For her little business of course but mostly because SF and the art world is coming alive again.  People are traveling and they want to go to museums.  This is wonderful and a relief.  Other worlds besides art are opening as well; it has been a long, slow reawakening out here in California.  

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