Friday, April 14, 2023

New Life 2 --- Day 12/108

Walk: City Hall, Asian Art Museum

Distance: 5.5 miles

Tianjin Ren (American, b. 1962), Taihu Rock - East Wind II, 2018, Nickel silver

So this new sculpture in front of the Asian Art Museum seemed to speak to Ciwt today.  Its naturalistic evolutionary shape  is modeled on a "scholar's rock," a type of water-eroded stone collected by Chinese scholars since the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and treasured for containing nature's essence.  It was cast by the artist to resemble the Chinese symbol for "East Wind" and references a Chinese idiom encouraging total preparation in case a critical element is missing. 

 "Everything is ready except the east wind." This is the idiom and (today at least) it seems to Ciwt to be about beginnings but also the impossibility of controlling exactly what is ahead.  Who can harnass the East Wind?  

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