Thursday, September 4, 2014

And Again Go Round --- Day 3/333

Walk: Marin, various
Distance: 1 mile and home yoga practice

Beatriz Milhazes Panamerican 2004 Acrylic on canvas

Beatriz Milhazes, Panamerican 2004, Acrylic on canvas, 198 x 179 cm

A poem by Wallace Stevens came wafting back to Ciwt today from her college days when he was one of her favorites. The first verse in particular puts her in mind of the sense of Beatriz Milhazes's art that seems to start somewhere and just go and go through colorful, mostly joyous swirls and linear passages until at some point she reaches a resolution.  It also puts Ciwt in mind of the spirit in which she walks - often the same paths but each time an adventure through the unknown to a sense of completion for that day's walk.  So many years of walking like that;  such a gift. Wallace Stevens was also a lifelong walker - or, as he says, mere circulator.

The garden flew round with the angel,
The angel flew round with the clouds,
And the clouds flew round and the clouds flew round 
And the clouds flew round with the clouds.

       Wallace Stevens, The Pleasures of Merely Circulating (1st verse)

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