Saturday, September 6, 2014

Drawing, Part 1 --- Day 3/235

Walk: Marina Theater (A Most Wanted Man - 2), Chestnut Street
Distance: 2.5 miles and small home yoga practice

Recently a friend recommended a drawing show at one of our downtown galleries, and yesterday Ciwt was able to get there.

It was more extensive than the usual gallery show which allowed some her old (unasked) questions about drawing to surface.  She took a look at one of the first ones:

Patricia Watwood, Dress

And felt on solid ground.  Yup, that's a drawing.                              

Then she began to be blown away by the sheer technical proficiency of the next image:
Chelsea Herron, At the Crossroads (and detail), chacroal on paper                         

and many that followed would be mistaken for photographs from a distance - or even up close!
Deborah Lloyd, The Last Dance, charcoal              Kevin Moore, Moments Before, charcoal on paper

Leah F. Waichulis, Venture, charcoal and pastel on paper

She thought this portrait was photographic in its life-likeness

  Timothy Jahn, A Ginger, charcoal on paper
Until she saw the next one 
                                           Luis Enrique Lantigua Dominiquex , Tantrum, charcoal on paper
 and then .
                Emma Hirst, High Steaks, charcoal & pastel on paper      

  As the show went on, Ciwt encountered colorful images, some traditional
 Brian O'Neill, A Life Well Lived, pastel
some out there  
                         Chelsea Herron, My Very Eager Mother, pastel

By the time Ciwt had studied all 107 images - different shapes, sizes, colors, subject matter, media - the unconscious question she has had for many years finally surfaced.  So she went over to the gallery manager's desk and asked it:  What is Drawing?

To be continued......

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