Monday, September 22, 2014

Force Majeure --- Day 3/251

Walk: Corte Madera via Piatti, up and down, up and down stairs
Distance: 10 blocks and home yoga practice


The Cinema Club movie in Ciwt's double movie/opera double header yesterday was Force Majeure, a Cannes selection that is getting quite a bit of buzz at festivals.  It is about couple happy in a 1950's kind of way that runs into that 'force majeure' on a family ski vacation: a real life avalanche.  The trailer above gives you a very good sense of the movie: actors, cinematography, music, lighting, central problem/theme.  It includes the avalanche which is so brilliantly shot it's worth a view.

Having lived in Sun Valley Ciwt enjoyed all the ski resort scenes and also the portrayal/observation of a wide range of deep, difficult and true human emotions and interactions. A psychodrama with comic moments.

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