Sunday, May 3, 2015

Smart and Funny Ride --- Day 4/94

Walk: Abbey Carpet, SF International Film Festival (A Hard Day)
Distance: 3 miles, teeny yoga in movie seat

Zow!  Like a 2-Hour car chase - and Ciwt/the audience was the driver.  Hyper aware, couldn't take eyes off the screen for a moment or she would miss something.  Very, very well plotted, acted, filmed. She continually heard the audience alternating between laughter, gasps, holding their breath.  A Hard Day, a true non-message thriller from South Korean director, Seong-hoon Kim.

Without realizing it Ciwt was so jazzed by the movie her 1 mile walk home from Sundance Kabuki flew by.  Also jazzed because looks like she has actually found the carpet for her hallway.  Stay tuned on that; the light and selection could be all wrong tomorrow.

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