Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Yoga RX a la Ciwt --- Day 4/97

Walk: All over the hood
Distance: 4+ miles

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Just wrote this to a yoga student and think it has relevance to many yogis and yoginis.

Hi __,

Wanted to follow up on our discussion about your pain radiating down your leg from deep in your glut in case I sounded too vague or non-chalant.

First I'm sorry you're experiencing this.  I've found for me and over years with students that issues will come up - often mysteriously - and resolve themselves gradually - again often mysteriously.  The key to letting the healing process happen is paying close attention and leaving that area to do it's healing work while you nourish and keep the rest of your body in healthy movement.  

(Attention in and out of the yoga room; ie, maybe there is a way you stand/move when doing everyday activities that is contributing.  Also, judicious 😉* reading of information on line can be really informative.  * In all likelihood your condition is Not terminal, dire or any of the things some sites leap right into).

That's the first step - and where I was coming from since you weren't reporting spasms or anything acute.  IF after all your best efforts the situation lingers or gets more intense, it would be good to go to a p.t., massage therapist, private session with a yoga teacher, or any healer that calls to you to get a deeper analysis.  With spasms or acuteness, rest, then seek professional advice.

Theses things are complex and individual - like we are - but can be ways into a deeper sense of self.

Ok, take care.  I really value your trust.


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