Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Clowning Around --- Day 5/254

Walk: Vogue Theater (18th Annual Animation Show of Shows)
Distance: 1.3 miles and small yoga 

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Ciwt forgot that Mickey Mouse was censored and banned several times since his birth at Disney studios.  His crimes included such things as scaring Romanian children for being so Huge (1935), attempting to foment a revolt (Yugoslavia, 1937), being anti-communist (E. Germany, 1954).  Acutually, he almost didn't make it to the screen at all because the censorship powers that be right here in the States accused him of being way, way too sexy.

She had sort of forgotten too about the political cartoons in revolutionary France and about Nast and Rube Goldberg and the fact that cartoons are often very dark.

As well as delightful - like the utterly charming Disney (yes) animated short, Piper, (see tiny clip here) in today's 18th Annual Animation Show of Shows. But even Piper had a (really) cute message about coming of age, and several others had messages about mothers, personal freedom to be one's self, and the ultimate resiliance of relationships.  But at least a quarter of the 16 animated shorts from around the world were dark, scary, bleak in a focused visual way that Ciwt realized is perhaps more powerful even than intentionally scary movies with human actors.

What scared - in the awe sense - Ciwt, actually, was the thought of the years and years of hard life work involved in each short feature that will be seen by the tiniest of audiences if at all.

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