Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Creepy World --- Day 5/269

Walk: Hi Tech Nails
Distance: 8 blocks and home yoga

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Bruce Conner, Couch, 1963

Ciwt, as many of you know, has spent multiple decades immersed in modern art.  She has seen many works that she doesn't like but it is rare for her to be essentially grossed out.  A Julian Schnable show in the 80's had that effect on her for tackiness/charlatan reasons, but SFMOMA's current retrospective of the late Bruce Conner's work contains images that are truly repulsive even when educated about Conner's mindset.

This leaves Ciwt in a sort bind because she is scheduled to give a tour soon to a small group of older girlfriends coming up from San Diego.  Should she include the Conner exhibition in their two-hour introduction to the huge museum?  She has decided most likely no; there is plenty of high quality,engaging art and photography for them to be introduced to.  They can be stimulated, eager for more, maybe uplifted, without having to deal with truly negative, downer, creepy images - en masse.  If they notice the signage or have read the publicity and ask for the Conner show, Ciwt will say something about the imagery and tour the show if they chose to go ahead.  Stay tuned for the verdict...

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