Monday, August 6, 2018

DMV (?!) To The Rescue **--- Day 7/159

Walk: DMV
Distance: 4 miles, small yoga as she waited, and waited...

Even more of a hair-raising experience for everyone at DMV today - BUT read on....

Ciwt is happy to be home.  From her Seattle (Tacoma actually) trip* and especially from her last minute DMV license renewal/new Real ID appointment today.  Not her choice on the renewal timing; she had to do it in person this year and their first appointment time was the day before her expiration/birthday.  

Very clutchy but that was just the beginning.  When she got there the computers were down and it took them Forever to find her on the appointment list.  Turns out their computer omitted telling her to bring her passport so it would have to be just a license renewal today and then DMV return trip (gawd) for Real ID.  Oh well and up against the wall, onward (eventually!) to various registrations. The last of these was by a DMV SAINT who took pity on CIWT (and all of us because of broken computer) and gave her one hour to leave, get her passport and return.  

Uber round trip, back with the passport and on to picture taking before the test taking deadline in 1/2 hour.  Not so fast, Ciwt: Picture machine wouldn't take her thumbprint -gulp!  Saved by Another  DMV SAINT who did a workaround, and on to final requirement.  5 minutes to go and the test taking machine wouldn't take her thumbprint either**##!!  A Third  DMV Saint!!! to Ciwt's rescue.  And, with one minute to spare, Ciwt qualified for the CA Real ID one day before her birthday.

Whew!! And thanks for, who knew, kind and heroic efforts by Three CA DMV ** workers.

*Stay tuned for news on that.

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