Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Oh, You Want A Room Too? --- Day 7/161

9Walk:  No, Travel Agent Day
Distance: 0, Yoga

So, when Ciwt opens her travel agency, you can take her advice right now: Don't Use It.

She spent most of the day booking her flights for a NYC trip while comforted by memories of her last hotel rate in the Big Apple..  Well, probably she should have checked hotels first.

That last trip was in winter and was actually cancelled because of a HUGE blizzard on the East Coast.  IF she had actually taken that trip, her hotel would have been @$200 per night, a soothing price for a very nice hotel in a terrific location.

As it turns out, Ciwt learned, something happens to New York hotel prices when 1. the snow goes away and 2. the summer heat and humidity do as well: the hotel prices Triple.

Nota Bene if you have any future NYC trips in mind.  And don't even think of using CIWT Travel if you see it open.  Unless you are in search of a walking trip; she's great at those!!

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