Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Oh, That Crazy Rich --- Day 7/168

Walk: AMCKabuki (Crazy Rich Asians)
Distance: 2 miles, a little yoga

Whenever she saw the Crazy Rich Asians dust jacket, Ciwt would think the book's title was missing a comma.  When she saw the movie today she finally got it.  Crazy Rich, as in obscenely, almost sickenly rich.  And Asian as in porcelain perfect inscrutability mixed with calculated cruelty when deemed necessary.  In other words, over the top in every way.  And Crazy Rich Asians, the movie, is just that: a non-stop, rom-com romp with beautiful people through all that ambitious money can consume.  Turn off your brain and just enjoy the Cinderella fun and dazzle.

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