Friday, November 9, 2018

Big Picture --- Day 7/244

Walk: Pier 24, Ferry Building, Hood
Distance: 4 smokey miles

Pier 24 Photography

Ciwt's picture above is small because, let's face it, she just isn't that big a fan of photography.  And Big is the operable word for Pier 24 Photography which is a once dilapidated 28,000 square foot warehouse that his been renovated (I'll say!) by The Pilara Foundation to be the largest space in the world devoted to photography.  This will change when a European venue opens next year, but then Pier 4 will still be the largest on the Western continent.

Ciwt aside, many, many people love and prefer photography and some collect it. For them Pier 24 is a treasure.  And for anyone interested in beautiful, historical San Francisco sites (this one is on the Bay under the Bay Bridge) and walking destinations Ciwt highly recommends checking out Pier 24 Photography like she did today.  (click for its website)

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