Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What is Ciwt Missing? --- Days 7/261-263

Walks:1. Desert Horizons Spa, Enterprise Rental  2 & 3. Hood
Distance: 1. 1 mile, Yoga   2&3. 4 miles

So Ciwt's time in the desert was all about family, their families, their friends, pickleball, perfect weather, delicious meals, restfulness.  This was until she happened to check the status of her return flight about an hour before going to the airport. The status of that flight  was "Cancelled."  She looked at the boarding pass in her hand, then back at the screen.  A couple of times.  Until it sunk in.  CANCELLED. No alerts, no calls, no texts, no "Sorry and Good luck, Ciwt and your cats"   Nothing.

Ciwt's catsitter had gone on to another job so the cats were at home by themselves now and there were no other planes available that day, except for $800 at an airport hours away.  So, Ciwt decided to rent a car and drive herself back to San Francisco and her cats.  No more family, friends, and not much daylight left.  It was Ciwt alone in a rental car in the desert, then passing one semi after another in the dark and finally crossing the Bay Bridge and heading home.  Luckily she had been well rested and well fed.

For the past few days she has enjoyed being home, outfoxing the airline, re-establishing herself in her cats' good graces, re-settling in her life.  But something has been missing. What could it be wondered Ciwt. 

Aha, just now she remembered:  CIWT!  She hasn't written a thing for days!!!

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