Sunday, February 24, 2019

Going and Staying --- Days 7/348, 349, 350

Walk: 1. Presidio   2. No, Agenting   3. No, Agenting again and soon The Oscars!
Distance: 1. 6 miles   2. 0, Yoga   3. 0, Yoga

'Communing' with Rembrandt's Nightwatch at the Rijksmuseum

So Ciwt has been playing travel agent again.  She thought it would be nice to return to Paris and, before there, to Amsterdam to commune with the Dutch Master paintings she missed when her knee accident prevented her from going to D.C. for its Old Masters show.  All was well for a while as she considered hotels and flights but then she began encountering more and more articles about the crowds in Amsterdam. The early ones warned about summer and vacation times, but the more recent ones talk about year round throngs of tourists - to the point where Amsterdam is considering restrictive measures.

The days of European art communing seem to be over.  Paris was quite crowded when Ciwt went  two years ago - in January, the month when 'nobody' was supposed to be there.  Then there are the matters of 11 and 12 hour flights, extremely pricey hotels, how fast the French speak their native tongue and how much of her own company Ciwt wants as she stands in lines and eats alone.

So, she's taken off her Travel Agent hat just in time to turn on her TV for the RED carpet. Celebrities will begin walking down it in just a matter of minutes; what will they wear? who will win? how awful will the snafus be?   Check in tomorrow for updates....

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