Tuesday, February 5, 2019

In A 2-Month Tizzy --- Day 7/330

Walk: Hood Errands Before Tech Appt
Distance: 3 Miles

Preparing for Techman Visit and Somehow Taking Selfie

Really, how does Ciwt's Tech Hero do it?  She's good at preparing a slew of questions between visits.  Then when he arrives, she's excellent at handing him the list of questions all neatly typed. "Oh, Good," he says. "Let's get started.  Explain what you mean by the first question.."

This is when Ciwt starts falling apart. Of course she has totally forgotten the circumstances of that question or how to reconstruct the problem she would like solved and/or how to explain it in a way that makes sense to him.  Then many minutes go by during which we try to arrive at some approximation of what she is asking him to work on.  Because he is nice and patient, he and Ciwt usually get there, and then he solves her problem.

"OK, now what about your second question....."  Question after Question the process repeats.

And the wonder is he Does solve them - every one - all the while remaining nice, kind, patient, even fun.  At that point Ciwt is always appreciative even while her brain is spinning in her head. 

This happens about every 2 months...

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