Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pot of Gold Fabric --- Day 7/353, 354

Walk: 1. Sal's Upholstery, etc.  2. Calico Fabrics, etc.
Distance: 1. 8 Blocks then bridge  2. 3.6 Blocks, small yoga

So untrained kittens and 20 years have come to mean a new slipcover for Ciwt's couch.  The kittens are now cats who oblige Ciwt by using their scratching posts (mostly), so that's taken care of.  The fabric is another matter.  Twenty years ago gold tones were perfect for Ciwt's back room where the aging couch sits, and they still are.  

But try to find them in today's fabric offerings!  If she wanted Grey or Beige or the omnipresent Greige she'd have trouble carrying all the samples home.  Gold is another matter; a passe matter actually. Every once in a while Ciwt finds a golden candidate, calls the fabric house and is told "That pattern has been discontinued."  So far six are fabrics of the past. As elusive as that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Of course, like all fashions gold will make a comeback (?), and will those fabric houses ever be sorry when it does! As she trudges empty handed from store to store, Ciwt consoles herself with this thought.

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