Saturday, March 2, 2019

Last and First --- Days 7/355 and 356

Walk: 1. Discount Fabric House, PGCC  2. Sutter Upholstery, AMC Kubuki (Opera: Daughter of the Regiment)
Distance: 1. 2.3 miles, teen yoga  1. 2.3 rainy mile
Last Gold Fabric in San Francisco finally captured by Ciwt

A couple of golden days for Ciwt.  Just when she was about to give up on finding gold fabric to reslipcover her couch (see previous CIWT days if you at all interested), she drove with little hope to Discount Fabric House. There she was presented with an enormous warehouse of fabrics rolled up and on shelves that rose to the ceiling.  Again, she nearly threw in the towel, but luckily her uphosterer had given her the name of someone she knew there.  Someone who didn't speak any English whatsoever.  But somehow Ciwt and he were able to communicate Gold, enough yards for a couch, strong enough for two cats (his eyes popped at this last).  He was brave enough to climb up to the sky again and again, but through his smiles Ciwt could see he too was ready to throw in the towel  Then, there it was - literally, the only candidate.  Both he and Ciwt were stunned, then overjoyed.

First Opera Encore Ever Seen by Ciwt: Javier Camarena in The Daughter of the Regiment

Then this morning it was off to New York's Metropolitan Opera - at the AMC Kabuki movie theater right here in San Francisco.   What a way to see an Opera!!!  Fabulous acoustics, clear, intimate filming so you are Orchestra Center or closer the whole time.  No heads moving back and forth in front of you, consistent temperature and super comfortable seats. And did Ciwt mention the price?  Ciwt would have been perfectly happy with all these things, but then an unexpected event happened: the lead tenor was so resoundly applauded after one aria that he sang an encore through joyous tears.  Ciwt was stunned again!  She had heard of but never seen an opera encore, and, when she texted her opera buff friend who has been a Met mainstay for decades, she learned they are so rare her friend had never heard one in all her years of attending operas all over the world.  Golden!

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