Friday, March 29, 2019

When I Grow Up I Want to Be... --- Days 8/14 and 15

Walk:1.  Marin Driving  2.San Francisco Fire Station Museum
Distance: 1. Couple of Blocks, 30 min. Pedal, Yoga  2. 3.6 miles, 40 min Pedal, Yoga

SFFD Museum
Only in San Francisco.  Another museum! right on Ciwt's near daily walk to and from Trader Joe's. It is a part of an active fire station, and she'd noticed the fire trucks, but somehow overlooked the adjacent museum - for over 30 years😵

So today Ciwt  finally went in the "Open" door expecting maybe a few old buttons and hats, that kind of paraphernalia.  Imagine her surprise when she encountered this:

 A huge room jam packed with beautiful, restored engines from the 1800's that still operate today!

Badges and artifacts from the 1906 earthquake and Fire. 

OL' 22
Paintings, old photographs, yes buttons and hats and so much more, including a real live fireperson who gives his time to the museum on days off.  All with lovingly researched signage.  For instance she learned about OL' 22 above that it had been built in 1893 and sold when the SFFD had completed its conversion from horse-drawn to motorized apparatus in 1921.  Luckily, before the fire engine was disassembled by the farming family that bought it, they realized its historical value, restored it to the condition you see above, complete with refreshed ornate gold leafing and operational pump. In 1987 they sold/donated the engine to the SFFD Museum, thus returning it to San Francisco. 

What a great find for Ciwt!  Just imagine if she were young and dreaming of being a fireperson!!

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