Saturday, March 9, 2019

Information, Please --- Day 7/362

Walk: No (another rain-wind-cold one)
Distance: 0, Yoga, and exercising her eyes reading a book club selection

Today is the 7th year, 362nd day of CIWT. Can 365 be far behind?  Time hovers more consciously than before.  Earlier this year it prompted Ciwt to go visit one of those (sensible) places for maybe the 17th year of CIWT.  Oh dear.  The lobby fountain is above; residents dress for dinner, there is ballroom after ballroom for entertaining (this is a guess).  Upstairs things are less grandly appointed but still on the high end of the scale (even the 'health' - read hospital - facilities).

This option - and others like it - are not on Ciwt's wish list, but in year 7 of CIWT it seemed 'sensible' to become informed.

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