Wednesday, September 11, 2019

No Corset --- Day 8/157

Walk: Pickleball Courts, AMC Kabuki (Official Secrets)
Distance: 3.5 miles, 1 hour pickle, some stretching

                     Keira Knightley in Official Secrets

Official Secrets got better in the second part when Ralph Fiennes entered and the movie became a bit of a legal thriller.  Up til then Ciwt doesn't remember being the least bit drawn in and occupied herself mainly with incidentals like freckles.  She didn't realize until today that George Bush had so many.  And hairpieces.  Always an interest of Ciwt's and she noticed them and how they did and didn't move on various stars.  Finally there was the wearing of the greys and tans for Ciwt to consider.  The fact that Keira Knightley pulled off these (non)colors, confirmed Ciwt's theory that you need to be pretty beautiful to wear them without having the life sucked out of your presentation.

In the non-incidentals department, she didn't know Ralph Fiennes was in Official Secrets and wondered for a few minutes "who is this charismatic man who has entered the film and I can't stop watching?"  Then she realized it was Fiennes, such a solid actor.  Knightley too.  She did an excellent job bringing her flatly written character to life (along with the greys).  She also reportedly made a quip Ciwt enjoys.  Asked why she took the part, Knightley responded one reason was that she had the opportunity to 'play a strong female role without wearing a corset.'

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