Sunday, March 8, 2020

More Homes --- Days 8/332 & 333

Walk: Presidio both days
Distance: 4 miles and Yoga both days

Why so many home pictures?  Homebody Ciwt - like many health conscious people - has been doing double duty these days so her home is particularly on her mind.

Sadly she has virtually no pictures of the grand house on the lake she patially grew up in - and it is on a grey, almost leafless early fall day.  Anyway, it had a tennis court, beach house, dock and rolling hill to those.  Ciwt thought it was gorgeous, lakeview and light-filled, beautifully appointed.*

But the house she identifies with is this one.  Again on a leafless day, taken on one of Ciwt's rare visits to the place she grew up.  This was the Zipper (her dog) house with woods all around it that she and Zipper explored every day after school.  It was red with white shutters when she and her family lived there.

* After Ciwt left for college and her family moved on, the next owners painted it bright white which Ciwt thought was way too showy.

Then, grand and well situated as it was on on the property, it wasn't grand enough for the last 'owners.'  After paying a pretty penny, they tore it down and built a hulking (Ciwt thinks monstrosity) that overpowers the property and sprawls nearly to the lake.  

At first when she heard the house was gone, Ciwt was quite devastated.  Now, she feels relief.

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