Sunday, March 1, 2020

Trader Joe --- Day 8/326

Walk: No, Recovering while doing laundry, reading, enjoying Sunday
Distance:  Yoga

Joe made a trader out of Ciwt.  And that's saying something.  Ciwt is basically a non-cook, non-foodie, one of those who eats to live.  But!  She Loves going to her local Trader Joe's.

For one thing it is a perfect mile away - which makes a walk there and back 2 miles.  Add a few more errands, and, voila, a long or longish walk.  For another, how could she live without the Alstroemeria lilies that light up her life and she buys by the dozens because Trader Joe's sells them for $3.99 - at least half of what they are sold for elsewhere? At Joe's she can count on the year round affordable fruits and juices, the premade and healthy salads, the tuna, nuts, cheap and good wine (and the addictuive snacks).   All Ciwt needs - along with super friendly employees and a zanyish atmosphere Ciwt likes better than a few of the ultra high brow grocery stores around her.

So, a personal thank you and send off to Joe Coulombe, the original Trader Joe who made all this trading joy available to millions of people.

Joe Coulombe (1930-2020)

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