Monday, November 22, 2021

Monday and What an Answer! --- Day 10/195

Walk: Presidio

Distance: 4 miles, Yoga

Pacific Avenue, 1929 (notice the brick wall; it's the exact same location!)

Pacific Avenue, 2021

Thank you, internet, for solving yesterday's mystery of the benches on the sidewalk a block above Ciwt's home.   

There's no transportation up there on Pacific now, but, turns out There Was!  A Cable car! And it turned around right on that block of Pacific Avenue!  AND when the line closed in November 1929, it was such a monumental event that its last run was professionally filmed.

There's more!!!   That very film is right here  Absolutely must viewing for those of you who love old historical films, railroads, and/or San Francisco.

And here's even more information:

A Movietone Newreel crew spent several days filming the Pacific Avenue cable car line before it closed in November 1929. It was the last line still operating grip and trailer cars, and the crew was particularly intrigued by how they reversed direction at the end of the line. The second half of the film shows the parade marking the end of operations on the line.

The Sutter Avenue Street Railroad had been extended west along Pacific Avenue to Divisadero Street in 1890-91. After the 1906 earthquake, the rest of the line was converted to electric streetcar operation. But the last few blocks at the end were still cable operated, in part because of the grades, and in part because of the affluent neighborhood's objections to "unsightly" overhead wires. The No. 46 grip car and No. 54 trailer car from this line are on display at the San Francisco Cable Car Museum. To read more about the history of this line, go here: Thanks to Joel K. and his friend at Market Street Railway for help with identification.

What a treasure trove!!  (again)

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