Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Personal Preparations --- Day 10/197

Walk: Vogue Theater

Distance: 3 miles

Thanksgiving is tomorrow so Ciwt decided to beat the usual throngs at grocery stores by buying her full personal feast yesterday.  And keeping with the same wish to stay away from holiday movie goers (probably not that many this covid influenced year), she joined six other people in random seats scattered throughout her neighborhood Vogue Theater.  Our movie was Kenneth Branaugh's semi-autobiographical Belfast.

Hard to imagine a basically light, tender, loving, family movie about The Troubles in Northern Ireland during the 60's (with flare ups that continue to this day).  But that is what writer-director Branaugh achieves through his innovative script and selection/direction of superior actors including a young newcomer who holds the screen as well as the incomparable Judi Dench. The use of the Irishman, Van Morrison's music throughout is a master stroke - and wonderful for Ciwt to hear again.

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