Sunday, November 14, 2021

SAD and Antidote --- Days 10/186 & 187

Walk: 1. Vogue Theater (Howard's End, Maurice)  2. probably Trader Joe's

Distance: 1. 3 miles  2. probably 2.5 miles

Today, after 10 hours sleep, it took Ciwt 2:17 minutes to complete the NYT crossword mini.  In other seasons the small puzzle takes her anywhere from 0:25 (her record) to 0:50 seconds.  Thanks SAD.

Every year it's the same for CIWT readers.  They have to read about Ciwt morphing into her fall/winter SAD self.  Like @500,000 fellow travelers, her whole being slows down, waking briefly after outrageous hours of sleep only to look forward to comfort food and bedtime. It's why she was thinking of Pooh bear on Day 10/181.  He and his kind get to officially hibernate; SAD people do it unofficially. 

Doing much of anything feels like an imposition.  But, luckily, Ciwt found a perfect SAD activity yesterday.  She accepted a free invitation by a neighborhood theater to attend back to back screenings of two classic Merchant Ivory films.  While the sun shone crystal clear outside, Ciwt sat inside watching wine being sipped from crystal glasses by late Victorian English men and women.  Their lives so mannered they were more akin to acting than living.  

Nothing particular happened on the surface of either Howard's End or Maurice, at least compared with the non-stop action of so many movies these days.  But that suits the SAD mind; we like to slowly mull and contemplate nuances rather than have to follow ever changing dynamics.  And we love basking in the blue columbines, pink hollyhocks, yellow kingcups and miles and miles of rolling green English country side.  Oh, and those English actors!  What can be better than watching and hearing the tiny and perfect curled lips, raised eyebrow, clipped speech, insincere smiles of Emma Thompson, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Helena Bonham Carter, Hugh Grant and other other superb English thespians? 

Now, yawn, just a few hours before dark...

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