Monday, August 21, 2023

Coffee of Tea, Anyone? --- Days 12/236 & 237

Walks: Open Houses,Park then around Home waiting for Taskrabbit

Distances: 6.5 miles, 2 miles

So, for whatever reason (maybe because she doesn't drink much coffee), Ciwt has never had a proper coffee table.  Until today.  

There it is above.  Or that's how it arrived from Amazon. (Proper doesn't mean expensive).  Since Ciwt had just spent Saturday botching the assembly of a small computer stand that was supposedly easy to put together,  she was reluctant to dive into that box of metal and glass.  So, after some searching, she learned of something called Taskrabbit which matches home projects with handymen in your area.  She contacted them and, sure enough, a nice young man named Nathan arrived and within an hour had Ciwt's first coffee table up and ready to go.

Maybe now she should invest in a samovar.

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