Friday, August 11, 2023

IMAX or Bust --- Day 12/227

Walk: Park, AMC Metreon 16

Distance: 5 miles

Probably mostly out of profound respect for Cillian Murphy's performance, Ciwt has gone to Oppenheimer three times.  She's hardly alone in her awe; co-star Matt Damon said of Murphy's take on Oppenheimer, 'it's one the the greatest screen perfomances of all time' and another co-star Robert Downey Jr said among other praise, 'I have never witnessed a greater sacrifice by a lead actor in my career."* Murphy is in virtually every frame of the three hour movie and is the key reason it works.  It is a make or break role.

Hopefully you will get to Oppenheimer and see for yourselves.  Or go again like Ciwt.  And, here's Ciwt's message today, if you have a choice, see it in IMAXCiwt finally had that opportunity today, and it was literally a completely different movie that the two she'd see on a regular screen.  More immediate, more involving, visually nearly overwhelming.  But, if there's no IMAX near you, you won't be disappointed if you see Murphy, the other actors, New Mexico, great learning institutions and more on a smaller screen.  

*You might enjoy seeing the writer/director and cast members discussing Oppenheimer

You might enjoy hearing this discussion with the director and cast

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