Friday, August 4, 2023

On A Clear Day.. Days 12/219 & 220

 Walks: Pacific Grove and Monterey

Distances: 3 miles x 2 

So, Ciwt missed that clear day when she ate her breakfast at the Pacific Grove inn where she stayed last night.  But an English couple eating at another table told her they had looked through these very same windows the (clear) day before - and seen 6! whales breaching and spouting.  

Later when she recounted this to the inn manager she shook her head and looked dubious. So believe who you will but turns out whales do migrate past the beautiful Monterey white sand beaches and rocky points twice a year and fairly close to shore.  It is very common {with binoculars) to see them passing by and occasionallyalarming kayakers and other small boaters when one suddenly breaches  right beside them.

San Francisco Ciwt has never had any of these whale experiences because whale watchers here get up at 3 a.m. to catch the whale boats that travel through the thick cold fog far out into the Pacific.  The gas fumes are strong,the wind, and temperatures are extremely cold and the waters are so rough most of the watchers aboard are very seasick the entire time.  Many times no whales appear.  Well,  no thank you.  But maybe she'll head down to that inn next migration season and hope it is a clear day at her breakfast table.  If no one else is around, she might see a Huge pod cruising by 😉

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