Monday, August 28, 2023

Look Up --- Days 12/243 & 244

Walk: City Guides Cowntown Architecture Walking Tour

Distance: 3.5 miles

So, Ciwt can't remember if she told you about her one and only D-.  She got it in college on the one and only architecture paper she ever wrote.  From time to time she makes attempts to rectify this deficiency in understanding the fine points of architecture (or any points at all).  Today was one of those attempts at one our great free (donations optional) offerings: San Francisco City Guides Walking Tours.* 

If she wrote an architecture paper today, her main point would be one of many she learned on today's tour: Look Up!  At street level we see almost nothing of the beauty, design and workmanship of the commercial buildings we walk by.  For instance, when you stand at the base of the Hunter Dulin Building on downtown Sutter Street and make every effort to see the very top, you might notice (on a fog free day) some slender green 'pointy things.'  Turns out those are replicas of the origianl twenty eleven-foot high copper spires seen in the photo below.  (Lightweight, majorly secured replicas because who would want one of those heavy spires to come crashing down?) 

This is the kind of detail you see again and again for the first time that bring the art of 'boring' commercial buildings to life. 

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