Thursday, December 7, 2023

Boxes, We Got Boxes --- Days 12/333 & 334

Walks: UPS, FedEx, Errands

Distances: 3 miles, just 1 mile

So no, these aren't boxes and boxes of Christmas presents Ciwt has received.

Several months ago she decided to get a few new things to make her new (still to her) place feel more homey.  And of course they are all being delivered now, right in the midst of the holiday package season.  Actually, some boxes actually aren't delivered at all (to her anyway) because they are lost in transit and others have been misdelivered in the wrong color, wrong size, or whatever.

So suddenly Ciwt has become a sort of Santa's helper.  Unboxing, deconstructing boxes, re-boxing, standing in various lines with boxes among others with theirs.  The very good news is that her new home has an elevator, not the 73 stairs up and 73 stairs down at her old place. Also, most of her new things are here so she should have more interesting things to tell her loyal readers.

Hope your December is coming along and you are finding ways to relax and enjoy.  Love, Ciwt

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