Thursday, December 14, 2023

Letting Friends Decorate --- Day 12/340 & 341

Walk: 1. Union Square (Dentist­čśĺ) 2. Marin Drive and Rest

Distance: 4 miles, 1/2 mile maybe

Thanks to gifts from friends. Ciwt's place is getting into the holiday spirit. And a little is going a long way for Ciwt.  

The enthusiastic Penquin Santa came all the way up from Florida - and must be much more comfortable in the cool San Francisco climate.  And the amaryllis sprouting in the glass vase is thoroughly enjoying its place in the sun.  It was only small leaf about an inch high when it arrived from her friend's favorite nursery, and it now looks like it will produce gorgeous flowers in time for Christmas.  

(On the floor to the right in the brown basket, you can see three new leaves from the amaryllis her friend sent last year. Maybe it will bloom.   Stay tuned....).

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