Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bouquets to Film --- Day 2/218

Walk: Vogue Theater (The Attack), Trader Joe's
Distance: 2 miles

Sometimes I buy flowers right after seeing a film.  It's sort of instinctive and I'm realizing today I probably do it to lighten my mood or just pull myself back to a pleasant place.  Today's movie was The Attack an Israeli-American-(+)  (sound track in Hebrew and Arabic) movie that was solid, intelligently scripted, well acted and broadening for ciwt  - but not pleasant.  (Even in yoga, working your edge is some degree of uncomfortable/challenging).  When it let out, I went to Trader Joe's where I gave it a 4 Bouquet rating.

That's high.  Too high for The Attack because it was more informative than difficult. My Bouquet Rating on it is 2.  But, because The Act of Killing (6 Bouquet Ratingstill lingers after a week, I bought some extras.

Yellow and Orange Bouquets plus cat and giraffe

Pink/Red Bouquet plus K. Libbey Nash Triptych

Hot Pink Bouquet plus K. Libbey Nash San Marco and prehistoric/petrified Dog

 Lemon Yellow Bouquet waiting its turn 

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