Monday, August 19, 2013

What Color Is Your House? --- Day 2/219

Walk:  JCCSF, Fillmore Street
Distance: 2 miles, take yoga class, 1 hour with personal trainer

My Pilates teacher is also a personal trainer so we worked in a gym/weights environment today.  I preferred this; same muscles, etc. but felt more free.

On the way home maybe my eyes were more free to actually see some of the places I've walked by for the past, oh, 30+ years.

For strangest I would nominate this one:It is all one building with the garage in rust, a front section in light yellow, behind that brown/black and, in the rear, green.  Oh and persimmon smokestacks.

For cutest color scheme, I'd pick this one:

Brown stained houses with black trim can be nice:

But I don't know about entirely black houses.  I've heard this little Victorian charmer presently under wraps is in the process of becoming totally, totally black.  It is a Julia Morgan (first woman architect licensed in California) building being renovated by an English couple who I understand have done extensive historical and architectural research.  So black must be correct and very tasteful.  I'll be interested to see the finished product, and, if you get the NY Times, you may see it too one of these days as there is to be a feature article on it.

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