Sunday, August 25, 2013

Circumstantial Evidence --- Day 2/225

Walk: Sundance Kabuki (In a World)
Distance: 2 miles

Fates are conspiring to keep my current obsession (non-reunion trip to the East Coast) alive. Eg, when I was waffling about hitting the 'continue to purchase' button on Virgin America I encountered a note from them saying I had (essentially the price of the ticket) in my 'miles bank' and did I want to use it.  One of my imaginary, book and cancel trips.  I had totally forgotten.

The I texted my Portland brother who drops in on Boston every once in a while for any hotel suggestions.  Turns out he is going to be there for two nights at exactly the time I would/will/maybe be there.  So, that would be fun, hanging out with him a bit in Boston.

Wonder what other unexpected circumstances are headed down the (Turn) pike.

Name: The Three Fates[1]
Nickname: unknown
Where: South West corner of St Stephen's Green
Coordinates: 53.3377;-6.2616
Inauguration date: 23rd March 1997
Sculptor: Professor Josef Wackerle
Story: Ingraving in German, Irish and English: In Dankbarkeit für die Hilfe, die das irische Volk deutschen Kindern nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg gewährte / Le buíochas as an gcabhair a thug muintir na hÉireann do pháistí Gearmánacha tar éis an Dara Cogadh Domhanda / With gratitude for the help given to German children by the Irish people after World War II. The statue was a gift offered by Roman Herzog, President of the Federal Republic of Germany at the time.
The fountain is situated near the Leeson Street entrance to the park. It consists of a group of three bronze figures - representing the Three Fates, who weave and measure the thread of man's destiny.


  1.  The three fates refer to the Greek Goddessses that spin destiny.

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