Saturday, August 10, 2013

Discomfort/Comfort --- Day 2/211

Walk: Mindful Body, Opera Plaza Cinema (The Act of Killing), Trader Joe's
Distance:  2 miles and teach yoga class

Just saw a movie it's taking some time to process.  Title: The Act of Killing.  It's a documentary even - on some of the actual men who were responsible for the killing of  500,000 ++  Indonesians in the 1965 massacre there.  So, duh, on why it is taking me some time to process.

Why go?  Because it got 98% on the Rotten Tomatoes meter and lots of attention by the the likes of the New York Times, The New Yorker, Werner Herzog, Errol Morris - publications and people movie buff ciwt doesn't ignore.

Don't know if I'll write about this movie - for various reasons.  But I will say while still processing that one theme I picked up from it was the impact of American movies on foreign cultures.  I've encountered this before - how people outside (and inside?) the US take our John Wayne, Clint Eastwood type shoot um ups at face value.  So in this movie there appears to be a thin insinuation that American movies are at fault for the Indonesian killing squads. It's whatever that reasoning is when you take a small point to its most extreme conclusion, but the notion did seem to be there. The other usual suspects are American greed and obsession with sex.

So how did some Biblical people, or some Greeks, Romans, Turks - or in this case, Indonesians who hadn't gone to the flicks, figure out sadism or violence or greed or debasing conquest before American movies?

Anyway, the movie (which did deserve the attention and possibly some of the praise it has received I think) put ciwt in mind of comfort snacks, and I spotted but didn't buy what appears to be Trader Joe's ultimate to date:


Now with a little bit of wine added.....

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