Saturday, February 21, 2015

CIWT 2015 Oscar Ballet --- Day 4/23

Walk: No
Distance: 0 (read!, nice), small home yoga

Ciwt's big day, the one for which she rushes around and sees movies galore (or that give her an excuse to do what she would do anyway) is almost here. Of course we're talking the Red Carpet and Oscars., and  You can click on this link for Ciwt's official ballot.

She tried to think like Hollywood instead of her own preferences.  Mostly!  She will be personally devastated if Ida doesn't win Best Foreign Language, and she's quite sure (and sad) Song of the Sea won't win Best Animated Feature but just had to choose it anyway because it is so wonderful. Then there is the hand-wringing over Keaton or Redmayne for Best Actor.  Hollywood loves Keaton but they also love a remarkable and deeply touching acting feats like Redmayne's shining portrayal of Stephen Hawking. (But then Redmayne is young, British, has another chance...Oh, dear).

Okay, catch you tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for an excellent NP Harris (he's so likable and talented), a few fashion disasters, some verbal flubs, unexpected antics and the rest of the Oscar events that keep us Oscar buffs watching hour after hour, year after year.

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