Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Some Things Get Better --- Day 4/12

Walk: Van Ness Med Bldg, Mindful Body
Distance: 2.8 miles and teach yoga class

The girls in the shop were all "Oh, you look Great!!!" which made Ciwt a bit suspicious when they handed her the mirror.  She had just had her eyebrows dyed and of course she looked like the girl in this picture  Image result for dyed eyebrows.  But, nothing could be done, she had another pre-teaching appointment so she raced to it wiping her nose from the allergy sniffles - and unknowingly nicking it.  The next appointment also involved a mirror, and this time when it was handed to her she saw b-l-o-o-d running from her nose?! (Sorry, readers)  Image result for blood running from noseWhy the person she was talking to didn't say anything and what he was thinking is a mystery.  Luckily though he happened to have a device that stops blood (sorry again) in its tracks.  But the ingredient is Black. So, with barely time to get to the yoga studio, Ciwt hurried off and taught with her Groucho eyebrows and a big black spot on the end of her nose Image result for big black spot on nose .

And the good news is she really thought nothing of it.  If she had been her teenage self, she would have been absolutely Mor-ti-fied!  OMG.  Days, days later she would have been sooo upset.

Moral of the story: Some things do get better when we are old(er)/of a certain age.

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