Saturday, May 13, 2017

Frame Job with Fingers* --- Day 6/84

Walk: Opera Plaza Cinema (Citizen Jane and Truman)
Distance: 4 miles

Before with brassy Cheap Pete's frame that drove Ciwt kind of nuts

After with frame that calmly lets the print - not frame-  stand out
Solution Ciwt would probably like better (narrower frame). But the one above was the framer's solution which he liked a lot. Ciwt had already sort of blown his mind by coming up with Frame Job 1 (see yesterday) after he'd given it a bunch of tries, and she didn't want to hurt his feelings.  No big deal anyway.  The main thing is two areas in her home that were bothering her enough to consider spending some outrageous amount on new art are now easy on her eyes for just a few hundred dollars from a frame shop she could walk to...

*If you want to look closely, you can see Ciwt's hands reflected in the glass. 

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