Friday, September 22, 2017

Big Little Likes ... Day 6/214

Walk:  Back and Forth, Sometimes Up and Down
Distance: 6 Blocks?, Upper Body Exercises


Ciwt is not by nature a nuts and bolts types.  But, she's learning now that her injured knee makes every task a logistical puzzle to be solved.  For instance, wonderful friends bring delicious soups, but how does she transport them to the place she can sit and eat them?  Without spilling, that is - since her walker gait isn't exactly smooth.

Enter Press'nSeal which was just lying around in one of her kitchen drawers without Ciwt realizing its magical powers.  Apparently, with Press'n Seal on her containers she could flip her soups and teas completely upside down and they wouldn't spill.  No, she won't try that, but she will begin to enjoy her soups.

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