Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Just Riding, Listening, Looking. --- Day 6/218

Walk: Down Stairs to Street, Into Town Car, Through Lobby of Medical Building, Into Doctor's Office, Then all of same in reverse until she was back in her sanctuary,  ALL with help, supervision and Big Time support of beautiful friend 👧  
Distance: A few steps physically and many Huge steps emotionally                   


Ciwt's driver to her first check up appointment today turned out to be a jazz dj at a local public radio station.  After receiving her excellent results, it was so relaxing and uplifting to just sit lengthwise in the back seat of his town car, looking out at San Francisco, letting her mind drift to the enveloping mellow tunes of this authentically American music.  First true letting go she"s felt since her accident.
* King Oliverbyname of Joseph Oliver (born May 11, 1885, Abend, La., U.S.—died April 8, 1938Savannah, Ga.), American cornetist who was a vital link between the semimythical prehistory of jazz and the firmly documented history of jazz proper. He is also remembered for choosing as his protégé the man generally considered to have been the greatest of all New Orleans musiciansLouis Armstrong

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