Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Culture Effect ---- Day 7/42 & 3

Walk: 1. No, Rest  2. SF Playhouse (The Effect)
Distance: 1. 0  2. 1 mile, PT, Pedal

Joe Estlack as Tristan, Aylet Firstenberg as Connie meet and, perhaps fall in love in SF Playhouse production of The Effect by Lucy Prebble

San Francisco ain't New York or London when it comes to theater - or probably most culture - but Ciwt enjoys the intimacy and quality of some of our small theater out here.  Plus plays are a valued break from the work of art museums. 

She has a friend who simply does not do museums - period. She does do theater and opera and always has.  Just sit back - research if you want - and take it in.

Ciwt is beginning to understand..  

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